Lifesmart Cube Switch Module (2 Way)


The LifeSmart Cube Switch Module allows you to convert traditional switches to smart ones. It features a very compact design with strong compatibility and a signal range of up to 100m in an open field.

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The LifeSmart Cube Switch Module is in extremely small size and very easy to install. It is suitable for 80, 86, 120 and many other panels of different specifications. It can easily upgrade traditional switches to intelligent smart switches. It features a 100m signal range in an open field and has a power consumption of only 0.3W. Its a great option for converting traditional switches due to its size and compatibility features.


  • The most compact smart switch module ever
  • Update a traditional switch to a smart one
  • Strong compatibility to different switch size
  • 150W Inductive/Capacitive Load
  • 100m Signal Range (open field)


  • Radio Protocol: CoSS
  • Signal Range(Open Field): 100m
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Static Consumption: <0.3W
  • Maximum Overload
  • Resistive load: 300W per way
  • Inductive/Capacitive load: 150W per way


  • Lifesmart Cube Switch Module (2 Way) – White x1
  • Connection line x3
  • Manual x1



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